Top States for Turkey Hunting: Discover the Best Spots!

Turkey hunting is a thrilling and time-honored outdoor pursuit that has captured the hearts of countless nature enthusiasts and hunters alike. As the spring season emerges, so does the excitement for pursuing these majestic creatures. In this blog, we are going to discover the best turkey hunting states.

Whether it’s the thrill of calling in a tom turkey or the joy of spending time in the great outdoors, turkey hunting offers a unique and rewarding experience that can create lasting memories.

However, not all states are created equal regarding turkey hunting. Choosing the right state to embark on your turkey hunting adventure can distinguish between a successful and disappointing hunt.

Factors such as turkey population density, favorable habitat conditions, accessibility to public lands, bag limits, and hunting regulations vary from state to state. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully consider which state you want to hunt turkeys in to ensure an optimal experience.


A brief overview of turkey hunting as a popular outdoor activity

Turkey hunting has become an increasingly popular outdoor activity in recent years. It combines strategy, skill, and patience with a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife. The challenge lies in locating turkeys and luring them within range using calls and decoys.

Many hunters relish conversing with these intelligent birds by mimicking their vocalizations through various types of calls like box calls, slate calls, diaphragm calls, or even mouth-blown wing-bone calls. 

The interaction between hunter and prey adds an element of excitement unmatched by other types of hunts.

Importance of choosing the best turkey hunting states

Choosing where to pursue turkeys can significantly impact your chances of success during your hunt. Different states offer varying opportunities due to variations in habitat quality and management efforts. Finding the best turkey hunting states isn’t easy.

For example, some states boast high turkey populations, providing a greater likelihood of encountering these elusive birds, while others may have limited populations and more challenging hunting conditions.

In addition to Turkey’s population density, the accessibility and availability of public lands are essential considerations. States with extensive public land options allow hunters to explore vast areas and increase their chances of finding suitable hunting grounds.

Similarly, hunting regulations such as bag limits and season lengths can influence the overall hunting experience. A state with generous bag limits and longer seasons allows more extended opportunities to hunt turkeys.

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Best Turkey Hunting States in the United States


Regarding turkey hunting, Alabama stands out as an exceptional destination. The state boasts an abundance of turkeys, thanks to its favorable habitat and robust management programs.

From rolling woodlands to fertile river bottoms, Alabama offers diverse landscapes that provide the perfect habitat for these majestic birds. This diversity ensures hunters have various options when selecting their preferred hunting grounds.

Furthermore, Alabama provides both public and private land options for hunters. The state’s extensive network of wildlife management areas allows hunters to access the best turkey hunting locations throughout the state.

In addition to public lands, many private landowners in Alabama offer hunting opportunities through lease agreements or guided hunts. This combination of public and private lands ensures ample opportunities for residents and out-of-state hunters.

To enhance the experience further, Alabama has generous bag limits and long hunting seasons. With a liberal bag limit, hunters can harvest multiple turkeys during their hunts.

Additionally, extended hunting seasons allow for more flexibility in planning trips and increase the chances of a successful hunt. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice eager to embark on your first turkey hunt, Alabama promises an unforgettable experience.



In the heartland of America lies another fantastic turkey-hunting state – Missouri. With its diverse landscapes offering varied hunting opportunities, Missouri is a dream come true for every avid turkey hunter.

From idyllic farmlands to dense forests and hilly terrain, the state offers an array of habitats that attract a robust population of turkeys. Missouri boasts one of the largest populations of wild turkeys in the entire country.

This abundance translates into high success rates for hunters who venture into its woods during turkey season. Moreover, Missouri provides accessible public lands where individuals can pursue their passion for turkey hunting without the need for expensive leases or private land access.

Guided hunts are also available for those seeking professional guidance and assistance, ensuring a fruitful and enjoyable experience for hunters of all skill levels. One of Missouri’s most enticing aspects of turkey hunting is the state’s commitment to conservation and habitat management.

The proactive efforts undertaken by wildlife agencies have significantly contributed to maintaining healthy turkey populations and diverse habitats. With well-managed public lands that offer a range of terrains, including bottomlands, ridges, and fertile valleys, Missouri sets the stage for memorable turkey hunting expeditions.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including its reputation as a premier destination for turkey hunting enthusiasts. The Lone Star State boasts vast amounts of land that provide ample hunting grounds for turkeys. 

From open plains to dense woodlands, Texas offers diverse habitats catering to different turkeys subspecies.

What sets Texas apart from other states is its extended seasons and liberal bag limits. Turkey hunters can enjoy an extended pursuit throughout the year because longer hunting seasons give them more time in the field.

Additionally, generous bag limits allow hunters to harvest multiple turkeys during their outings. This abundance of opportunities ensures that residents and non-residents can fully immerse themselves in the thrill of turkey hunting on Texan soil.

Moreover, Texas presents a unique challenge with its Rio Grande turkeys in arid regions across the state. Hunting these birds amidst rugged terrain adds extra excitement to any hunt.

The arid landscapes create an entirely different experience than other states’ more traditional turkey hunting environments. From scrub brush to mesquite stands, Texas offers a distinct flavor of adventure for those seeking unconventional turkey hunting experiences.



Nestled between the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast lies another gem for passionate turkey hunters – Mississippi. This state boasts an excellent population of wild turkeys, making it one of the best turkey hunting states for those seeking high success rates in their hunts. 

Thanks to effective game management practices, Mississippi has maintained a healthy turkey population that provides ample opportunities for hunters.

One of the standout features of turkey hunting in Mississippi is the well-managed public lands scattered throughout the state. These areas offer diverse habitats, ranging from bottomlands to upland pine forests, ensuring hunters can find the ideal location to pursue their prey.

The abundance of public lands also means hunters have many options when planning their trips. Furthermore, Mississippi’s hunter-friendly regulations contribute to creating a family-friendly atmosphere.

The state offers youth-only seasons tailored specifically for young hunters, providing an opportunity for families to bond and pass down the tradition of turkey hunting from one generation to another. 

With its thriving turkey population and family-oriented approach to hunting, Mississippi guarantees an unforgettable experience for hunters seeking both adventure and quality time with loved ones.


Lesser-Known Best Turkey Hunting States


Regarding turkey hunting, Kansas often flies under the radar, but it is a hidden gem for avid hunters. Over the years, this underrated state has seen a steady increase in its turkey population, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an opportunity to bag a trophy bird. 

With less hunting pressure compared to more popular states, Kansas offers a unique advantage: peaceful and undisturbed hunting experiences.

Picture yourself nestled amongst the rolling hills and picturesque river valleys that make up the stunning landscapes of Kansas. It is not just about the hunt but also about immersing oneself in nature’s breathtaking beauty.



Nebraska may not be the first state that springs to mind when considering turkey hunting destinations, but it is worth considering. With its growing number of turkeys, particularly the coveted Merriam’s subspecies, Nebraska has become a hot spot for hunters seeking quantity and quality in their turkey pursuits.

What sets Nebraska apart is its affordability for non-resident hunters—licenses are reasonably priced compared to some neighboring states, making it an attractive option for those looking to extend their hunting adventures without stretching their budget too thin. 

Another distinguishing feature of Nebraska is its unique opportunity: you can chase both Merriam’s and Eastern turkeys within its borders—a rare chance to hunt two different subspecies in one location.

Best Turkey Hunting States – Conclusion

While there are well-known states that consistently rank highly as the best turkey hunting states, there are also hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by adventurous hunters like yourself. 

The lesser-known gems, such as Kansas’ increasing turkey populations and serene landscapes, offer a tranquil escape from crowded hunting grounds. 

Meanwhile, with its growing number of turkeys and affordable non-resident licenses, Nebraska presents an opportunity for both novice and experienced hunters to indulge in diverse turkey hunting experiences.

So, whether you choose the renowned turkey hunting states or explore the lesser-known ones, rest assured that there are abundant opportunities across the United States for an unforgettable and successful turkey hunting adventure. Happy hunting!

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