The 7 Best Turkey Hunting Scope Features: A Comprehensive Guide

Turkey hunting has soared in popularity, captivating both seasoned hunters and newcomers alike. Using a scope is an important part of that success. But why choose just any old scope. Let’s look into the best turkey hunting scope features.

best turkey hunting scope features

Turkey hunting is a challenging sport that requires precision, patience, and the right equipment. A critical component of a hunter’s gear is the scope attached to their firearm. 

Understanding the key features of a turkey hunting scope is paramount for those serious about their vision and aiming to increase their success rate in the field. So let’s review the best turkey hunting scope features.

1. Lower Magnification

Unlike sniper scopes, turkey scopes don’t zoom in a ton. This is because you’ll often be close to turkeys in the woods, and a high zoom would make it hard to see the whole bird. 

Think of it as zooming in just a little bit with a pair of binoculars—just enough for a clear view.

turkey hunting scope features

2. Large Objective Lens

The objective lens is the big round part at the front of the scope. A larger lens lets in more light, which is super important for turkey hunting. 

You’ll often be out early in the morning or during shady times in the forest, and a bigger lens helps you see the bird clearly even when it’s not super bright.

3. Gobbler Dot Reticle

This is the crosshair you look through to aim. A gobbler dot reticle has a small dot in the center, perfect for putting your shot right on the target. Some reticles even have a circle around the dot to help you judge the size of the turkey.

4. Second Focal Plane (SFP) Reticle

This might sound complicated, but here’s the easy version. SFP reticles stay the same size no matter how much you zoom in (which isn’t a lot for turkey scopes). 

This means the dot and circles in your gobbler reticle will always be the same size relative to the turkey, making aiming simpler.

5. Multi-Coated Lenses

These lenses have special coatings that cut down on glare and reflections. Glare from the sun or shiny leaves can make it hard to see the turkey, so these coatings help you get a clear view.

6. Waterproof and Fogproof

Turkey hunting often happens early in the morning when it’s damp or foggy. A waterproof and fogproof scope won’t let moisture get inside, so your view stays clear no matter the weather.

7. Shockproof

Scopes take a beating when you’re out hunting. A shockproof scope can handle the bumps and jolts of walking through the woods and firing your shotgun, so you can be sure it stays accurate.

Conclusion – Best Turkey Hunting Scope Features

Selecting the right scope for turkey hunting involves careful consideration of magnification, lens size, reticle type, eye relief, durability, and the scope’s weight and size. By prioritizing these features, hunters can enhance their vision in the field, improving their chances of a successful and ethical harvest. 

Remember, the best scope matches your specific hunting style, preferences, and conditions you’ll face in the wild. With the right scope, you can confidently step into the turkey woods, ready for whatever challenges and opportunities arise.

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